Undergraduate Students

Joe Choi

Major: Neuroscience

Hi! I'm Joe and I'm a junior studying Neuroscience and Business on the pre-med track. Some fun facts about me: I have perfect pitch, I am an EMT, I love investing and finance, I'm trilingual, and I know random trivia facts across all subjects.  

Kennedy Knopf

Major: Biomedical Engineering

My name is Kennedy Knopf, I am a third year undergraduate student in the biomedical engineering program. Once I graduate I hope to pursue neural engineering with a focus on psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety. Outside of the lab I like to cook, crochet, and run.  

Joshua Lin

Majors: Neuroscience and Psychology

I'm a junior at the University of Michigan studying Neuroscience and Psychology. With plans to attend medical school, I'm learning as much as I can now about the physiological mechanisms and neural circuits involved in neurodegenerative disorders, along with current and potential treatment options. Outside of gaining experience in the lab, I'm involved in campus mental health, volunteer with the elderly in the hospital and via Meals on Wheels, and stay active through jiu jitsu, skateboarding, and basketball. 

Matthew Rochlen

Major: Neuroscience

I am a rising junior on a pre-med track. I am from Michigan and always knew I wanted to attend school here. I love spending time outdoors and being active!

Hayden Smith

Major: Biomedical Engineering

Senior from Rochester, MI. Minoring in computer science and German studies.  

Shruti Subramanian

Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Business

Shruti is supporting a study involving the neuronal circuitry and projections underlying task-specific dystonia in mice. She plans on working in the life sciences or healthcare field after graduation. During her free time, she loves to run, read new books, and hang out with friends.